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What Clients Say...

"Thanks so much again for everything, the sessions were wonderful and everything has been immensely helpful."

"Not knowing what to expect, the prospect of therapy was very frightening. However, Nick immediately put me at ease which meant I could get the most out of the process."

"A first class therapist and I would recommend him without any reservation. Nick's methods, approach and compassionate focus have been crucial to my recovery. He worked with a determination and belief that I will always be grateful for. Nick cares deeply. I arrived broken and I have left here with so many strategies to be and stay well, feeling strong and free."

"Nick has really helped me break down the barriers of my addiction and give me the tools to deal with the everyday struggles of giving up and letting go, I never thought I’d get to 6weeks clean and sober but after every session with him I feel more empowered to achieve another week. Loving the process."

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Nick - I went into therapy having lost all confidence in myself and my thoughts, and feared that these interactions and sessions would feel transactional as I had experienced with other therapists before him. But Nick came across genuinely interested and wanting to help, not too serious either - he made me feel comfortable and understood - and thanks to him, I've regained hope and a positive outlook, and I’m surprising myself every day at how strong I am becoming mentally thanks to the tools he has given me."

"Nick has been incredible with his support throughout my 12 session program with him. He has been understanding, supportive and given me techniques that have changed habits caused by addiction. Could not recommend him more. Again Thanks"

"It’s difficult to put into words how thankful I am that I found Nick. It was at a dark time and I was sure that my addictions would end up ruining my life, but felt powerless against them. Nick not only looks at stopping the addiction, but more importantly goes right back to find what has led to it. Some of the realisations I’ve had during this journey have been ground breaking for me. I have recently attended a big event that I never ever thought I would be able to get through without slipping, but thanks to the tools and techniques Nick has taught me, I not only got through the event but had the time of my life without even being tempted to slip into my old habits. Six months ago I would’ve thought that impossible. I will continue my journey with Nick as my counsellor. His friendly approach to the sessions make them something I look forward to and not something I have to do. I really can’t thank him enough, the work I have done on myself through him has been life changing."

"Nick has been helping me with my ketamine addiction and helping me with rebuilding my life by giving me the tools I need to stay clean and rebuild relationships. I’m very grateful to have found Nick and pushed me in the right direction. He’s gone above and beyond for me and my partner."

"Thank you so very much, as always you really get everything I say, which believe me, is extremely rare and refreshing."

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